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Monitors heart rate and controls cardio trainings
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Analyze and update your physical training program with greater attention to cardio elements by checking the data on heart rate zones, speed, distance, time and increasing/decreasing heart rate in the program. It estimates the optimal workout intensity and offers program amendments.

Polar ProTrainer is a program to keep track of your training and heart rate.
It´s purpose is to serve as a planning tool that can later transfer its parameters to any Polar series wrist unit, a device that can read your heart frequency, control your training time and more.

The program will display a calendar where you can mark your training plans.

If you want to mark a training day, you can input some data about you, like how much do you weight, how tall you are, how many hours did you sleep, which is your resting HR (heart rate). You can also enter data about the weather, the temperature and the type of activity you will perform.

Then, you can plan an exercise to do, the start time, the distance or the calories to burn. You can even plan the fases for each exercise.

Once you completed an entrance, you can send your plan by email, to have a copy or to share your plan with others. Then, the data can be uploaded to your Polar wrist, in order to check your training with it.

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